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"Bruce J. Annett, Jr. has rescued from obscurity an important chapter in Michigan’s history. He tells the story of Pontiac’s Clinton Valley Center with impressive authority."

     - John Gallagher, Co-Author, AIA Guide to Detroit Architecture

"Pure enjoyment. I became thoroughly interesting in the collective will of the Pontiac community to become the host to such an institution, and the resulting transformation of the town. I believe this book, in detail, accounts for the birth, operation, and demise of the asylum in Michigan. It is interesting that up to the end, the community seemed to yearn and pull for the permanence of the structures, that they had never completely given up on its obsolescence. But as unfortunately happens many times, ‘progress’ triumphs and history (and its structures) are driven into the ground only to be uncovered and lamented later."

    - Mark E. Harvey, Reference Archivist, State Archives of Michigan

"An interesting and comprehensive study featuring the planning, construction and development of one of Michigan’s major hospitals, that not only emphasizes the struggle to gain local and legislative support but also shows the impact the institution had upon the community."

    - Philip P. Mason, Distinguished Professor of History, Wayne State University

"Mr. Annett has authored a wonderful text concerning one of Michigan’s lost historic landmarks…. This 104-page volume is both authoritative and enjoyable to read, and it includes 150 illustrations including historic photos, floor plans, news clippings, minute books and letters. The book’s 17 well-crafted short chapters discuss the hospital’s conception and birth in 1878, its distinguished Victorian Gothic structures and campus design, and its operations, particularly during its early years...

"The author has employed useful captions for illustrations and included biographical essays on important persons connected to the asylum, such as Elijah E. Myers, the master architect, and early superintendents and medical staff. This text is carefully researched, well documented, includes useful endnotes, and will hopefully reach a wide audience among students and citizens who will be intrigued by this addition to local history and mental health facility literature.

"We proudly present an Award of Merit to Bruce Annett, Jr. for his fascinating publication which has made an important contribution to the preservation and presentation of local Oakland County and state of Michigan architectural and institutional history."

     - John L. Revitte, trustee, Historical Society of Michigan, excerpts of remarks presenting HSM’s Award of Merit, Oct. 3, 2003

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